Name:Chris L Kimball
Height:2.1 meters
Weight:24 Stones
Blood type:B positive
Fighting Style:Staggered Bear
Favoite Foods:Fried Clams, Pizza, cheese, bread
Favorites Games:Psychonauts (vg), War of the Ring (bg) Gears of War (vg)
Bio:Determined to Art from an early age, Chris has undergone an intensive training routine of holding a pencil and making marks on paper... alot! Although after a tragic accident involving a pad of bristol board and some Sharpies left 17 dead, Chris learned that he must only use his powers of Art for good (and profit). Currently Chris wages war on the forces of darkness as the world�s only freelance, giant, crime-solving, (martial) artist.
Moves:Under Cut [F,F/D,D, P], Temple Crush (throw) (P+K+G+F ,tap P], Halo Rage (against wall) [B+Punch] , Ankle Damage [hold D, K]